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Liverpool Social Care Partnership (LSCP) was formed in 2001. Since its inception, it has developed into a sound, focused consortium, comprising organisations from the social care sector. The Partnership is viewed as a valuable means of drawing together providers to share information, networks and promote best practice.
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I am writing to inform you of a regional event hosted by the National End of Life Care Programme entitled, ‘Quality Care at the End of Life’. The theme is ‘working together’ and our focus is achieving quality support for the person and their carers at the end of life and building sustainable high quality end of life care support. 

The day will include presentations of initiatives in the region concerned with strengthening social care at the end of life and their integration with healthcare.  The day hopes to attract delegates from all parts of social and health care and there will be opportunities for discussion and networking which we know are often the most valuable parts of these events.   

09:30 - Registration       

10:00 - Start

15:30 - Close

to register, visit and click “Events Registration” you will then be asked to log on using the details:

Username: EP2208 
Password: END201112

Then you can follow the instructions to register for the event on 20th November 2012 at The Met Hotel, Leeds

Your delegate type will always be “delegate” unless you have been previously informed to register as an alternative. 

Please ensure you press CONFIRM at the end of the registration process, this will finalise your registration. Once this is done you will receive an email to the address you submitted. If you do not receive this within 24hrs, please contact Eventpro UK 

Please note: there is no charge for the day but a ‘no show’ penalty fee will be applied if you fails to attend without prior notification.  If you have information about a project or initiative that you would like to present or circulate, please contact Rosie on

LSCP have been granted the Workforce Development Dementia Fund (WDDF) contract which offers enhanced payments for employers whose staff have completed dementia related qualifications.

The requirements for this funding are identical to the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) contract which LSCP is currently administering, for more information about WDF and meeting the eligibility criteria please refer to our previous blog post.

Once you are eligible to claim WDDF/WDF you must send evidence of your completed units to LSCP, the evidence we require for WDDF is the certificate of completion for the qualification which you are claiming for. This evidence may be sent either by email ( or by post (Liverpool Social Care Partnership, 5 De Havilland Drive, Estuary Business Park, Speke, Liverpool, L24 8RN). We will not accept FAX submissions for evidence.

For a list of units which are eligible to claim enhanced funding please refer to this list. For a list of payment amounts depending on the qualification type, please refer to this document.

As usual if you have any questions you may email us at or give us a call on 0151 427 7044.

To register for Workforce Development Funding you will need to complete a ‘WDF Partnership Membership Form 2012/2013”. Firstly you will need to download a copy of the form, it is best to download this form directly from the Skills for Care website to ensure that you have the most up to date version of the form. You can download the form from this website: 

At the time of writing this post the most up to date version is v1.1 and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Once the form has been downloaded you will need to open the .PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader. There are other .PDF reading software packages available, however if you wish to use electronic signatures it is advised that you use the Adobe software.

Once the document has been opened you will see something like this:

It is important that you read this document thoroughly before attempting to sign as there are a number of agreements that are being made by signing and submitting this document to join a Partnership. Once you have read through the document and you are happy to proceed you may begin entering your data as required.

The first piece of data in the top right corner of the document is the NMDS-SC ID Number, as shown here:

Your NMDS-SC ID is possibly the most important piece of information contained in this document. Skills for Care will need this identification number to ensure that you have adequately updated your National Minimum Data Set to reach the minimum 90% completion in order to obtain Workforce Development Funding. Failure to supply this number will result in your application for membership being denied.

Generally these numbers begin with a letter (usually F) followed by 5 or 6 numerical digits. If you have not yet obtained an NMDS-SC ID then you should visit the NMDS website and register. If in doubt you may call the NMDS helpdesk on 0845 873 0129.

The rest of the information is fairly self explanatory, please note that the Name of our partnership is the Greater Merseyside Care Partnership.

You may also enter secondary address details which will be used as your preferred contact information. This may be helpful if you are registering an establishment but would still prefer all communication to go through a head office.

If you have multiple establishments which you would like to register for membership, there are additional pages provided (example below) which allow you to enter the basic information required to register these establishments (Name or Establishment, NMDS-SC ID and the address of the establishment. If you do not have multiple establishments you may ignore all but the first page.

Once you reach the bottom of the first page you will notice that there is a space for a signature, and when you hover over this space with your mouse it will say “Click here to Sign”, as shown below. 

Please note that at this point you may prefer to print off the document and sign it with ink by hand. This can then be sent via post to:

Liverpool Social Care Partnership,
C/O Crossroads Care
5 De Havilland Drive
Estuary Business Park
L24 8RN 

Alternatively you could scan the document back on to your computer and email it to:

OR you may fax your Partnership Form to 0151 427 7044. 

However, with this new version of the Partnership Form there is also the option to digitally sign the form with an encrypted code, to do this you will need to click on the signature portion of the form, the following window will appear:

If you have not done this process before you will need to click “A New Digital ID I want to create now”, then click Next.

You will be given a number of options about what type of Digital Signature you would like to create, we recommend you choose the PKCS#12 Digital ID File for maximum compatibility. Once selected, click Next.

Next you will need to enter all of your information.

The bottom three parts of this form (“Enable Unicode Support”, “Key Algorythm”, “Use digital ID for:”) do not need to be changed. Once this form is completed click Next.

You will now be asked where you would like to save your digital ID file. If you are unsure where to save this file you can leave the default location provided, however be sure to make a note of this location for future reference!

Be sure to choose a password you will remember and then click Finish. The “Sign Document” window will appear.

From this window you have the option of selecting one of the Digital ID’s that are registered to your computer (or creating a new one!). Enter your password and then press the “Sign” button when ready. You also have the option to Lock Document After Signing. This is advised in most cases but be sure that you have fully completed the document before selecting this option!

Once this is done the signature portion of the document will look something similar to my signature below:

You may close the document and attach it to an email to:

Your application will be received and registered with Skills for Care, if there are any issues you will be contacted. For more information you can contact John on 0151 427 7044.

We are happy to announce that our next Safeguarding Focus Group Meeting is due to take place on 19th September 2012, for more information and to book a place, please download the flyer here and return it to

Free MCA & DOLS Sessions

Liverpool City Council are running a number of FREE MCA & DOLS Workshops, you can download the MCA flyer here and the DOLS flyer here, please remember that to book onto these session you will need to contact 


We are now accepting bookings for our Good Practise Event 2012, you can download the booking form / flyer here.

Please return the booking form to

Liverpool Social Care Partnership is glad to announce it is administering the Workforce Development Fund for Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, St Helens, Knowsley, Cheshire East and Cheshire West & Chester under the Greater Merseyside Care Partnership.

Workforce Development Funding (WDF) is available to any employer whose staff has completed social care QCF or NVQ training which has been completed and verified after 1st January 2012 up until 1st March 2013.

Currently the funding is granted at £15 per credit for each QCF unit and £80 per NVQ unit, please note that LSCP takes a 15% administration fee for each claim. For more information about the units that are available for funding you down download a list here.

To claim Workforce Development Funding you must meet the requirements set out by Skills for Care / Department of Health. The first requirement is completeion (to 90%) of your organisations National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC). For more information on NMDS-SC please refer to the Skills for Care website ( ) If you need any further help or guidance you can contact me by emailing or alternatively calling the help desk on 0845 873 0129.

You will also need to complete a Partnership Form and a BACS form to register with LSCP for the processing of funding claims.

For more detailed information please refer to the documentation available for download below:

Employer Fact Sheet
Step by Step Guide for Employers
Training Provider Fact Sheet 

LSCP Case Study
LSCP Claim Guide 

Other Information:
List of Acceptable Units for Claiming
Example of an NVQ Unit Summary Sheet
Example of a QCF Unit Summary Sheet

Partnership Form*
BACS Details*
*Once these documents have been completed you should return them to

If you have any questions to queries on the claiming process please contact LSCP on 0151 427 7044 or email

Fully Funded Qualifications / Backfill Claims
It is also possible to claim for any costs that you as an employer have had as a result of sending your staff onto training, this could include staff replacement costs to cover any rota changes for when staff attend training. For more information please contact LSCP on 0151 427 7044 or email

Dementia Fund
At LSCP we have also won the contract to administer the Workforce Development Dementia Fund which offers extra funding for any dementia units that are completed and claimed, currently we are still waiting for the contract for this funding so no details are available. If you would like to be added to our mailing list and updated when further news is available please email

From 1 September, organisations will have to follow the new identity guidelines when submitting CRB check applications.

On 28 May 2012, the CRB introduced new identity checking guidelines designed to make it more difficult for individuals to conceal previous criminal records by changing their identity.

These new guidelines have been running in parallel with the existing guidelines since 28 May to give organisations time to comply with the new guidelines and to introduce them into their identity verification procedures.

From 1 September, organisations will have to follow the new guidelines.

The set of scenarios developed to help organisations comply with the new guidelines has been expanded and now contains clear flow charts and more scenarios for each of the three routes as well as examples for checking non-UK applicants.

From 10 September, the Protection of Freedoms Act introduces a number of changes that will affect the CRB checking service

These changes include:

  • a new definition of regulated activity
  • the introduction of a new minimum age for CRB applicants
  • a new right for applicants to ask for a review of information released by the police

Full details of these changes can be found in the CRB and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 section on the CEB website.

ISA Independent Safeguarding Authority

Some of the changes coming into effect on 10 September will also affect the work of the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

Disclosure and barring

As part of the coalition agreement, the government committed to reviewing and reforming the vetting and barring scheme and criminal records regime, scaling them back to common sense levels.

This will ensure there is a continued service to help safeguard vulnerable groups including children from those people who work or volunteer with them who pose a risk of harm, while operating in a way that reduces the burden on employers and

Key changes to disclosure and barring

The key changes to the disclosure and barring scheme include:

  • abolishing registration and monitoring requirements
  • redefining the scope of ‘regulated activities’ - those are the activities involving close work with vulnerable groups, including children, which a barred person must not do
  • abolishing ‘controlled activities’

But a barring function will be maintained.

The provisions also mean that the services of the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority will be merged and a single, new non-departmental public body created.

The new organisation will be called the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The planned operational date for the DBS is December 2012.

So, at a glance…

Major Changes in September 2012

  • New definition of regulated activity.
  • Repeal of controlled activity.
  • Repeal of registration and continuous monitoring.
  • Repeal of additional information.
  • Minimum age (16) at which someone can apply for a CRB check.
  • More rigorous ‘relevancy’ test for when police release information held locally on an enhanced CRB check.

Not Changing:

  • You must make appropriate referrals to the ISA
  • You must not engage in regulated activity someone whom you know has been barred by the ISA.
  • Everybody within the pre-September definition of regulated activity will remain eligible for enhanced CRB checked, whether or not they fall within the post-September definition of regulated activity.

We have asked ISA to undertake some workshops for us this autumn/winter and we are just awaiting some dates.

The following documents may be downloaded for further information:

Disclosure Barring Presentation

External ID Validation

CRB Changes FAQ

CRB Changes Guidance

ID Check Scenarios

Changes Leaflet

Female applicants wanted for Care Support roles, applicant would preferably have their own car or good access to public transport.

The areas of focus are: -


Please note, this role requires clients to provide intimate levels of care, such as bathing, showering, cleaning and changing clothing.

Applicants must be able to work shifts, either 07:00am to 02:00pm, 04:00pm to 07:00pm or 07:00pm to 11:00pm.  Applicants will also be required to work weekends and be able to start the early shift at 07:00am prompt.

Employment is subject to satisfactory references and enhanced CRB disclosure.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact Sarah Yeoman, HR Officer:
T: 0151 705 2333

Application Pack

Job Description

Person Specification

Thank you to everybody who attended the Partnership Meeting in June 2012, you can now download the minutes for this meeting here:

Please also find the related documentation:

Affinity Training - Intro - Course List
Nugent Care Conference - Flyer
Brothers of Charity - Supporting People with Tourettes Syndrome

Direct Experience Trainers - Expression of Interest
LSCP - Health & Safety Risk Assessment Flyer

Hi Everybody,

Apparently some people have been having difficulties downloading the Dignity Toolkit, so we’ve put them into zip files to make it easier for you to download, you can find the two links to download the each version below:

Dignity Toolkit:

Easy Read Dignity Toolkit:

If you have issues downloading these files and would prefer for them to be sent as an email attachment, please email or call 0151 427 7044.

New details have been posted for the Workforce Development Fund 2012/2013 for more information please see:

Liverpool Social Care Partnership are delighted to announce that our bid for another year of WDF distribution has been accepted, details are still being finalised and will be released soon!

Temporary Position
(Covering Long Term Sick)
Acting Assisted Living Manager
(St Helens & Knowsley,Halewood)
Hours: 37.5 per week
Salary: £20,755.88k pa                                     

Brothers of Charity Services are looking to recruit an Acting Assisted Living Manager to be responsible for the administration and day to day running of a number of locations in the St Helens & Knowsley area.
The successful candidate will manage teams to ensure the delivery of excellent quality care and compliance with all relevant regulatory quality standards.

A Level 5 in Leadership for Health & Social Care or willingness to work towards is essential for this role.

Duties will involve day shifts, evenings and weekends.

Candidates must have a valid driving licence and use of a car for work.  This role will also be subject to satisfactory C.R.B. clearance.

If you would like to apply or for more information, please contact 
a member of the HR Team on 0151 228 4439 or by email 
Or download an application pack from 

HR Team, Brothers of Charity Services, Thingwall Hall, Thingwall Lane, Broadgreen, Liverpool L14 7NY
Closing date for Applications: 25th April 2012

Hi Everybody,

The Workforce Development Fund deadline has today been extended to 10th May 2012 this means you can claim for any WDF units until this date.

* Completed acceptable NVQ and QCF units should be signed off by the internal verifier between 1st January 2011 and 10th May 2012.
* Establishments who have met the NMDS-SC requirements since 1st April 2011 will stay eligible until 10th May 2012.  Any establishment which meets the NMDS-SC requirements between now and the end of the contract will be added in the normal way.

If you have any questions about this you can contact me on the details below


John Callaghan
Liverpool Social Care Partnership

5 De Havilland Drive,
Estuary Business Park,
Speke, Liverpool
L24 8RN



Hi Everybody,

The Workforce Development Fund deadline has today been extended to 10th May 2012 this means you can claim for any WDF units until this date.

* Completed acceptable NVQ and QCF units should be signed off by the internal verifier between 1st January 2011 and 10th May 2012.
* Establishments who have met the NMDS-SC requirements since 1st April 2011 will stay eligible until 10th May 2012. Any establishment which meets the NMDS-SC requirements between now and the end of the contract will be added in the normal way.

If you have any questions about this you can contact me on the details below


John Callaghan
Liverpool Social Care Partnership

5 De Havilland Drive,
Estuary Business Park,
Speke, Liverpool
L24 8RN